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The Best Walking Safaris in Tanzania

With comfortable accommodations and expert guides to cater to your perfect time and enjoyment.

Star Adventure of a lifetime on a Tanzania Walking Safari

Tanzania Walking safaris offer the most authentic and immersive safari experience, allowing you to become an active participant in the wilderness of Tanzania rather than a mere spectator. Unlike traditional game drives, walking safaris bring you up close and personal with the natural world, creating unforgettable moments of connection with the environment and its inhabitants.

In Tanzania, walking safaris are available in select areas, offering both short day walks from camp and mobile options where your camp is relocated to greet you at the end of each day’s journey, complete with refreshing sundowners to cap off your adventure.

For those seeking an even deeper wilderness experience, trekking takes you to the next level of adventure. Backpacking through the untamed landscapes, you’ll camp in new locations each night, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the wild. With lightweight tents and a small team, the focus shifts from luxury to immersion, allowing you to fully embrace the wilderness and forge a deeper connection with nature.

Whether you choose a leisurely walk or a rugged trek, walking safaris and trekking adventures in Tanzania promise unparalleled thrills and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Enjoy a free Maasai village tour.

Book with us and learn Maasai culture, and traditional. On any tour you book with Kipe Adventure you will get a free tour to Maasai village.

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Tanzania Walking Safaris Itineraries

7 Days Kilimanjaro Walking Safari in Maasai Land

7 Days Kilimanjaro Walking Safari in Maasai Land

This 7 Day Walking Safari in Mt. Kilimanjaro's land through the Maasai land will leave your heart touched with memories […]
7-Days Simanjiro, Tarangire Np, and Oltukai Village Bush Walking Experience in Maasai land

7-Days Walking Experience in Maasai land

We are delighted to guide you on a dream Walking Experience in Maasai land, a unique and sustainable trip through […]
9 Days Walking Safaris, Cultural Encounters, and Natural Wonders

9 Days Walking Safari, Cultural Encounters, and Natural Wonders

Embark on an extraordinary 9 days walking safari adventure through Northern Tanzania, where each day unveils new wonders and experiences

The Best Time for a Safari in Tanzania

Generally, Tanzania is best to visit in the dry-season months of July – October when the parks are dry and wildlife viewing is dramatic, easy, and action-packed. 
However, there are pros and cons to every time of year so it is definitely worth calling to discuss. For example, June and October/November are marvelous shoulder season months, where you get amazing wildlife but for a third of the price than in the peak season with special offers and low season rates.

Northern Tanzania

Ngorongoro is amazing year round – it is not very big, and so the animals can’t widely disperse when there is plentiful grass and water. February is the very best time to see the Great Migration as the wildebeest congregate in the southern plains’ during calving season.


Southern Tanzania

The parks of Southern Tanzania are classically dry-season parks so definitely best from July – October. Outside these months, the wildlife can be trickier to find than in Northern Tanzania.  
As Ruaha and The Selous are relatively low land compared to northern Tanzania, they are affected a bit more by the rains. The Selous is closed from mid-March to the end of May, as the camps are inaccessible when it has been very wet. Ruaha is also mostly closed at this time of year too. 
Both October and November can be very hot in the Selous which is worth noting if you are not a fan of high temperatures.


Why Choose Kipe Adventure

  • UniquenessOur experiences are truly lifetime experiences because they extend beyond mere adventure; they're deeply rooted in community engagement and sustainable impact. As we journey towards the local communities, particularly the Maasai community, we encounter a warmth and hospitality that makes us feel like family, welcomed with open arms into their culture and way of life. In our collaborative efforts, we've had the privilege of partnering with an NGO, Oltukai, dedicated to uplifting vulnerable children, orphans, women, elders, and ensuring access to clean water for the Maasai community. Through our shared work, we've committed 20% of our profits towards supporting these initiatives, creating a positive ripple effect that spans various aspects of community well-being.
  • Local NativesOur experiences are lifetime experiences why so! Because our all adventure we doing towards to the local communities (Maasai community) whereby the local communities are so very friendly and their like strangers as like their origin, During our work together we found an NGO that aims to support Vulnerable kids, Orphans, Women, and Elders as well as support the Maasai community’s clear water. So in our work, we do each 20% we get at our profit we have been dedicated to saving and giving back to the local community, which helps in several variants.
  • AuthenticThe local community is very friendly to share with their culture and warmly welcome you at their homes, You can experience and participate in ancient traditions and rituals. With them and us you are only tourist will you booking a tour but after land our land your stranger.
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